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Hi there.
can anyone out there help with the setting up of an analogue input card for the omron c1000h plc. I have read the manuals and tried the examples but to no avail. All i need to do is read the input value (range 0 to 10v)and do some comparisions. I do not need scaling or offsets etc. My input card is placed in channel 30 i have tried 4 word operation, moved the card to channel 0 and 2 word operation. I know its an old plc but i am stuck with it.

any help would be appreciated

I received your email with details of the analogue card etc but then had a hard drive crash and lost the lot. Would you please forward the details to me again please.

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Hi Bob,
I know the feeling about hard drive crashing just gone through the same thing.

The analogue card I have is a c500-ad101, its the 8 pt version. We have Capsplus, Syswin or cx programmer. Cx programmer is what we are using now but I can convert the the other two if required.

I will be using the 0 to 10v range and the card is placed in Channel 30. All I need to do is to compare the input value of each point and compare it to a calculated value and give a yes or no judgement, that part is ok I just need to know how to configure the card so I can read these input values in a data area.

any help would be appreciated