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Agostino Longo

Hi everyone, I just purchased a omron C200H plc with a 01 CPU and a 201-lk communication card, and Im having a real hard time try to get SysWIN 3.2 to connect to the PLC I bought a standard 9pin to 25 pin adapter to communicate to the PLC through the communication card, but have had no success with communication, Is there any Omron GURU's out there that can help me out on setting up my PLC to start programming? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

David Wooden

Go to and search for manual W143-E1-6, which is the Host Link Units manual. There are several examples of how the cable should
be wired. You can also download all of the other manuals available for the C200H there.

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It has been a long time since I worked with a LK201 serial interface, but if my memory is correct, a null modem is needed. You can also make a cable (pins 2 and 3 swap).

A reference manual is available on the Omron website: or call the Omron tech support line 1-800-55-OMRON (800-556-6766)
Your problem is the serial cable. The Omron comms cable is a special cable. Go to and find the pdf library. There is a download for all Omron cables and you can make one yourself. Sorry I do not have the page address but the server was offline when I tried to get it for you.


I have never used the communication card mentionned LK201. The first thing I would do is connect the RS232 port of the CPU to the PC. The wiring is Omron specific, see installation guide (Appendix B).

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Check the cabling pin out. Omron uses pin 9 on the 9 pin connector for signal ground on a lot of their stuff. If you are using their standard
programming cable to go to the 25 pin adapter, then this is most likely the problem. An off the shelf adapter isn't going to map sign ground
properly. You may need to get a pin out of the 25 pin connector (check the web site) and either build your own adapter, or order one from Omron.
The reason that the cabling is odd is because in days gone by, the hand held pendant drew power from the port (IIRC) and thus used a non-standard
pin-out to prevent smoking the port of a computer that got plugged into it.

--Joe Jansen

Agostino Longo

Im running a 2.4 p4 and win xp pro

Im pretty sure I dont have the right pinout on the rs232c cable thanks everybody for the great advice!
Often times the c200h programmer has a default port set. You may have to access the c200h thru the CQM1-CIF02 cable and use Omron's CX programmer software.
I have a copy of the communication manual for the C200H in PDF format if you would like me to send you a copy or you can download it from Omron's website. It may provide the answers to your questions. Send me a message if you would like me to forward it to you.

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I have a simular problem. DB9 to DB25 but from LK201 to NT screen.
Does somebody has the correct pin lay-out