Omron C200H with OD215, ID215, & MD215 modules


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Philip Sharpe

I just purchased a used Omron C200H PLC with four ID215 digital input modules (32 inputs), four OD215 digital output modules (32 outputs),
and two MD215 digital input/output modules (16 inputs and 16 outputs). Each of the modules have two connector sockets with 24 pins in each
one. I have the connectors which plug into the sockets but need to solder longer wires on them and find out where they should go. The four
pins at the top of each connector have no wires soldered on them, so I am assuming they are not internally connected. The other 20 wires
are all the same color. Below is a crude representation of the two connectors. I have searched the internet for any information but found nothing.

0-15 16-31
__ __
12 |::| |::|
|::| |::|
|::| |::|
|::| |::|
|::| |::|
1 |::| |::|
-- --


Randy Ransom

Omron has a pretty good site with links to pdf files of various manuals. I found a manual for the modules you mentioned. Just go to and click on "support" then click on "knowledge center". You will find yourself at an index of pdf files for various documents but if you click on over to the 3rd page you'll find a document called "C200H
High Density and Mulitplex I/O Units" which I think is the one you want.

David Wooden


The cable pinouts are available on the Omron website. go to "": and click on Support, then Knowledge Base. From there you can either search or navigate through several pages of documents (search is faster!). Look for manual W133-E1-3A (search for W133). The title is "C200H High Density & Multiplex I/O Units". Download the .pdf file. You can read it with the Adobe Acrobat reader, which is downloadable for free from Adobe.


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If you are in Ontario, call Omron tech support 416-286-6465. They are _very_ helpful. I have a drawing at a customers site, which Omron faxed to me some time ago, with the pinouts for that cable.
Also try the Operations manual for the C200; If you can't get or won't get, I can see if mine has the pinout.