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Vazquez Sandra (Blanes)

Hello, I am trying to test the OPC communication with the PLC serie CS1G. With W98SE, Cx-Server OPC and OPC-Link (Wonderware) as Client but the results aren't very optimistic! And Server and client are in the same Pc. With a very low number of items (300) the comunications is very slow and sometimes it become blocked. And my application has 4000 items!!! I'm wondering if anybody who has used the Omron Cx-Server OPC have the same problems? I welcome your coments Best regards, Sandra Vazquez

Jeff LeBlanc

Chances are it is not the OPC server but the Win 98 that is causing your problems. I have used the OPC with both iFix Wonderware but using NT and have had no comm problems. Jeff LeBlanc

Sandra Vázquez

That was my first idea, so I tested my application with NT v4 SP6 and the results were similar. Trying to pass 1000 items takes 16 minutes and with NT too! Once these items are passed for the first time the application seems to work properly. Maybe there is some communication problems between OPCLink and Omron CX-Server OPC when the application starts! After these 16 minutes the update interval is near 2 seconds. Sandra Vazquez

Matthew Major

We are having exactly the same problem. However, the application was working fairly well (never speedy at the best of times) until we installed it on a new computer, then it bogged right down. 300-400 points takes about 23 minutes to connect. We have tried Win2000 in various configurations and Win98 with no success. In general we have found the Omron controls for VB to be very poor.

Joseph Rubino

Hello, I am the Product Marketing Specialist with Omron Electronics responsible for the CX-Automation Suite of products including CX-Server OPC for the US marketplace. Your comments about issues with CX-Server OPC concern me and I would like to discuss them in more detail offline. Additionally, CX-Server OPC has only been offered for sale on a limited basis while going through some version upgrades. Some of the issues you are experiencing can be due to older versions of the software. I invite you to contact me at: [email protected] hopefully we can resolve any issues you are experiencing with CX-Server OPC. I welcome any feedback that would help Omron provide a quality software product to you our customers. Best regards, Joseph Rubino

Matthew Major

Yes, indeed you were correct. We got the latest versions of CX Server Lite and it works great! However, we are not happy about having been sold out of date versions (in March 2001), it cost us a lot of grief.

Chatrabhop Pontham

Does any one know where to download Omron CX-Server OPC?

I would like to try with our GE Fanuc Cimplicity HMI package to pull data from Omron CS-1
Try cimquest.
Omron's product doesn't have the bugs worked out yet and you can't buy just the OPC server. They sell it as part of a package of other stuff you don't need if you have Cimplicity.

Honda Eq Staff