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Can anybody help me, i'm using the OMRON DAOO2 module to try and send a -10 to +10 signal to a small motor, but the manual doesn't explain properly on which data is needed to be put into 15 required setting bits (theres another bit for
the sign). I'm lookin for some clarity on this issue. My module is set at unit 0 and i know the IR addresses but i don't know what to put in them?

Usually Omron interface cards need more than one IR address to be configured properly before using.
One address is used to output data (in your case, the output data is converted into -10VDC_+10VDC signal). Other IR addresses and bits (one address = 16 bits) are used for card configuration (+- output, hexa number, etc.).
See "": web site. You will get the PDF file that describes all possible settings.

Good luck.