Omron DIFU vs. A-B OSR


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Stephen Wright

Can anyone tell me why an OMRON DIFU command works differently than an A-B OSR? I have used this circuit to create a flip-flop in an OMRON CH200 controller:

A momentary pushbutton in series with a normally closed contact of a KEEP, or the same pushbutton is series with a normally open contact of the KEEP, to energize a DIFU. The DIFU in turn controls the KEEP. The result is that the first time the button is pushed the KEEP is set, the next time it is reset.

I tried this same logic with an A-B OSR and and OTL and OTU in various combinations and could not get the same results. Can someone explain to me
the logical differences and suggest another way to create the action. One solution I have found is to use the pushbutton to energize a CTU and the 0 bit of the accumulated value will toggle every time the button is pushed.