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David Adams

Does anyone out there have a copy of the old Omron PLC programming software LSS (Ladder Support Software) that they could send me?

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David Adams

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I sueggest you better upgrade to SYSWIN, one of the best interface software products for PLC. by OMRON.\
If your interest is reading or download a program in LSS *.DAT format, then you can use the new omron CX programmer which also has a conversion program to covert lss files to dat files.
If for reading and printing a file you can use the CX p demo version which can be used to communicate and down load to CPm** series PLC.
LSS ver 3 you can get free from many omron distributors.
SSS is much better as this does not require the use of a canister file and indivisual files can be manipulated. However I am away from the office and cannot help with a "demo" for the next couple of weeks. Apart from the data trace functions in syswin, I find I can code much faster with SSS/LSS

blazhko blazhev

Dear David,

what do you mean by old omron pls programing software? I have got Syswin 3.2 and syswin 3.4, if you need them i could send you them.

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Blazhko Blazhev

Manoj Kakasaniya

Dear Mr. Blazhko Blazhev,

We are having CQM1 PLCs and we are using the same. But We do not have syswin 3.4 software for programming. Can you please send me the syswin 3.4 software?

Thanking you,

Manoj Kakasaniya

Manoj Kakasaniya

I wish syswin software OR LSS OR SSS. I don't have any support sofware or setup for omron PLCs. Without that i am not able to see/modify the programs.

> sss lss is available for download at

I there!
Can you please give the link for the omron sss lss download? I couldn't find it on

I'm in trouble to get the graphcet from an old CQM1 CPU45 to edit and upload to another machine with equal CPU.

This is a very old complex program made long time ago and have now a old customer machine to try to recover.

Many Thanks!