OMRON NT20M to NT20S conversion


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Hello group!
I have a machine equipped with OMRON operator panel NT20M which is failed. I want to install newer NT20S but NT Support Tool can not convert the configuration files (I did try both DOS and WIN versions). Is there a method to convert the files? Any help would be strongly appreciated.

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Dear Piotr Kowalski
NT20S supports only Direct addressing for OMRON PLCs whereas NT20M can support Direct or Indirect addressing or C200H Direct interface for OMRON PLCs depending on which System ROM is used. NT20M can also support RS232C mode for third party PLC. You can convert an NT20M project file to NT20S only if your NT20M uses direct addressing. Plese check the model no. of your System ROM (which is accessible after removing the host interface unit) and find out if it is suitable for direct addressing. If you email me complete model nos. of NT20M, host interface unit and system ROM, I may be able o help you.

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I have a OMRON C200HS with PT NT20M and get an error message on screen "NO DIRECT INFORMATION IS SET" i can't communicate with it with support tool program. Please, can you tell me the pin out of the cable between pt and personal computer and if necessary the dip switch setting of pt and the first important thing for good connection. Thank you for your attention.

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