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Ricardo Rodrigues

Hi i am trying to check a OUTPUT if is on or off and a INPUT how can i chck this with host link commands ? (@00XX0000XX*??

example i want to check if bit 010.10 is on or off

thanks in advance

David Wooden

Hello Ricardo:

To check the status of bit 10.10, you will need to read word 10 and then parse out the bit. To read word 10, the command would be:

The response should look like:
XXXX= value of word

To extract the value of bit 10, perform a bitwise AND with a word containing all zeros except for bit 10:
0000001000000000 b = 512, or 200H.
if the result of the bitwise AND calculation is zero, the bit is 0.

If you need more help, let me know, and also let me know the language and programming environment you are using.

Good luck,

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