Omron PLC CJ1Series/CX Programmer


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I am using OMRON CJ1G-CPU42 PLC for one of our application. The System has CJ1WSRM21 module to connect to some distributed i/o's over Compobus network and CJ1W-ETN11 ethernet module to communicate with a second PLC on ethernet network
and NT600S as HMI.I am using CX Programmer to Program the PLC's
I am new to this PLC and require following information.
1. How to Place SRM21 Module in I/O table and Configure the I/O's connected to it? How is the Distributed I/O addressing done?
2. How do I Pass some information between two PLC's on the ethernet network.If some one has some examples,it would be highly helpful
3.Does some body have a sample program using some of the hardware above for me to get a feel of how the I/O addressing and communication is done?
Thanks for the help in advance
Goodmorning, i have the same problem on your 1,2 and 3 point.
Can you help me about this configuration?
Have you some news?

Thank you very much for the collaboration.