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David Brown

Hello listers.

I have a problem which I can't solve and I need help. My problem is I am programming an Omron PLC type CPM1A-20CDR , 20 I/O . I run it on software Syswin version 3.0 and run it on CPM1 MODE and I use Win 95 as inquired. Every function is working OK but I couldn't activate
the counters and timers . I have tried all the ways but they still don't work. Every time the input of timer is execute , timer active is same time , don't have any delay time . And also at the value I only can write from 000 to 019.
The counters have the other problems :
With any value , when input of counter is ON, it
still doesn't have any active but any time the Reset condition ON , the counter changed it's condition from OFF to ON , when reset is OFF, counter is OFF. Now I don't know how to control it and i'm looking for help.
Can anybody help me?
All your advice will be gratefully received.
Thank you.

David Brown .
(If possible, you can contact me directly via the
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David, are you putting a # in front of the timer value ? Syswin will accept a timer value with the # missing and will not run the timer.
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Eric Nagy - Indelec Automation Inc.


The first thing is to make sure that you are not using the same addresses for counters and timers. Unlike some PLC's like AB that use different memory areas for timers and counters, Omron seems to enjoy sharing it. For example, if you have T005, then you can not use C005.

The next thing is to make sure that in your timer or counter value, you time in the time or counts with a "#" in front of it. For example, if you want a 0.5sec timer, the value would be #0005, not just 0005.

Other then that, make sure that the program is uploaded to the PLC by using the "verify command", and that it is in "Monitor Mode".

If you have any problems, email me at [email protected]

Good luck,
Eric Nagy
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I think the problems is that you are using a word address instead of a constant as the timer preset.

If you desire a 1.5 second delay put in a preset valve of #15

use the # symbol to indicate a constant.

Bill Marsh
Integrated Controls
The most common problem with Omron timers occurs when you forget that the timer takes a BCD preset. If you don't have a BCD preset you wont get any warnings or indications, the timer just wont run.