Omron PLC CS1H+Ethernet ETNxx - America On Line


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In the above configuration, the PC cannot connect to the CS1H via the Ethernet (this affects all CX servers and tools).
Moreover, if your PC is set to answer incoming calls (dial-up login), this option will not work, either. This last issue happens with Windows 98, too.
REMEDY: In Windows 2000, go to Start->Settings->Network and dial-up connections. There you'll find a new entry, which may have a name like "Local Area Network 3". In the Device Name column, it reads: "WAN Network Driver".
Select this entry, then go to the Menu Bar, File->Properties, then click the button "Configure". You'll see a general properties window, with "WAN Network Driver" at the top. Check whether the manufacturer is "America Online, Inc.". If it does, then you found the culprit.
Presently, this entry Status is Enabled. Double-click on the icon at the left, then click on the "Diasble" pushbutton. The entry turns "Disabled". Restart your PC if necessary.
Now your Ethernet connectivity is back in business :)
CAVEAT: Check with your LAN administrator whether you have any other WAN connectivity on your PC. You may need to disable it temporarily, too.
SIDE-EFFECTS: Believe it or not, the AOL connection will work even with its WAN network driver disabled!! Proof is: this letter!