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Greg Powley

Tutorial needed for programming using the Omron software. I am looking for examples and the instruction syntax. I would prefer something that relates to the software as I have the manuals which use instruction list for the examples.

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Which platform? If it is Cs or CJ platform, manual # W340-E3-3 Instructions Reference Manual is exhaustive. It weighs in at 1118 pages, and details the entire instruction set.

Depending on where you are located, I would contact either your distributor, or call 1 800 55 OMRON and ask them about getting some training. I am in south Carolina, USA, and both the distributor and Omron Corporate App Engineering have been here several times to provide training on CxProgammer, CxProtocol, helped us get started on the CJ platform, etc. Once you get used to support people that actually want to help you without getting a PO# first, it is an invaluable resource that you should take advantage of.

--Joe Jansen
A bit more information would be helpful. Which Omron software package are you referring to? For which PLCs? I used to teach classes in Omron PLCs and software and have several example programs. let me know more about what you're looking for.