omron software - SYSMAC and SYSWIN

> SYSMAC is the family name for Omrons PLC:s, SYSWIN is a programming tool.

SYSMAC is a programming tool also.
It may be said that there is no significant difference between these two softwares, except SYSWIN is the better version to program PLC's of all series " C " with exception of the new PLC's, and that can program earlier PLC's like the C20, CXXP, CXXK, C120, CXXH. If you want to program PLC's like CPM2A, CQM1H, etc. you need to consult a CX-programmer or get an update of SYSWIN.
if you still need a copy email me but you can buy it for about £10 with the lead from RS Components

darren ( darren )
I need Sysmac software. Please if any body has a copy or know where I can download it let me know. Thanks