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I've just acquired an old Omron SP16 that's of no use now, and I would like to know if it possible to interface it a PC (software) or if
it's only programmable with a console.

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you can program your sp 16 omron using a programming console (pro 01). you can also program it using pc all you is need a minilss software and an interface cable.
My cousin give me an Omron sp10 cause he thinks thats unusable but i know that i can program it using minilss and the interface cable with
the pc, but i don't have them at all. I want to use it for control the lights of my house as well as the stereo.I wish that somebody who has
got them cold help me please. Thanks in advance.
I also have the SP10 and some documentation. No programmer, no cable and no MiniLSS. Where can I get any of these, preferably the PC MiniLSS and the cable.

I'm having the same problem and i was wondering if you were succesfull in your search for the software or the pinout of the connector. If so, could you please help me?? Thanks for your efforts. Richard
I still need info on _how to make the cable_ to connect the SP16 to minilss

I have the cable - (I have send a drawing to liquuidbyte)- and the Software, Manuals, but my MiniLss Software have a problem. When I wanted
to start it today - It's come up with the Message " Fatal Error - Menu structor reservation error ".
Can somebody help me with this fault ? The Software is running under DOS 6,22.
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I am not sure the first message was sendt correct, so I´ll just try again.
If it is possible, I would like to have a copy of the manual and the cabelpinout.
Could you please send it to this adress:

[email protected]

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Soeren, Denmark
Hello, I download the manual, 14mb, so the link is:


Minilss, the soft, can be downloaded from the web:


But with the cable, I have a trouble!!!! I can not comunicate with the PLC, why?, no cable!!!!
All I know about it is that includes a level adapter to rs-232 to 5v logic, but.....
If you can get the pinout, please send it to me.