Omron Sysmac c120 help -- machine misbehaving


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I am currently trying to solve a problem we are haveing with an Omron sysmac c120 with pro15 programming console. We had a program which would run motors to pick up parts on a printer plate and drop the off on a conveyer belt. The operator changed one of the lines and entered in a wrong value. Now when the machine currently tries to home itself it triggers the sensor and jets off crashing into either the left or right sides. I did not write this program or know very little about ladder logic. We currently dont have a backup of the program either. Is there a way to restore the DM that was changed?
Or any other help if possible.
You do not have a back up, Do not know what was entered wrongly by the operator. And you are new to ladder logic. Best way is to hire somebody with the PLC and machine knowledge give him the hard copies of whatever control drawing you might have, sit with him and solve the problem.