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Lane Williams

I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between an Omron Sysmac C40P and a C40K PLC is. My boss and I are wondering if anyone can help us out. I suspect maybe that the programing is in different languages, ie, english, japaneze or something. I dont think it has a large bearing on the operation, just curiosity at its best.

Thank you in advance! :)
Hi Lane,

The "K" units (C20K, C28K, C40K, C60K) are the "main" units which include the CPU, while the "P" units (C16P, C20P, C28P, C40P, C60P) are just add-on expansion I/O units that connect to a "K" unit.

IOW, a "P" is useless without a "K" ;o)

These units are obsolete, but you can still get the manuals for them at:
Link to the "Programmable Controllers" section and search for "K-type"


- Eric Nelson
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Rockaway, NJ, USA

P.S. I've got a handful of C40K and C60K units on the shelf. Used, but I know their history. Drop me an e-mail if you need to buy any spares! ;oP
Hi I need to buy and extra C40K & C40P just to have as back-up for one of the machines that has it one installed.

Could you let me know were may I buy it.

Best regards,