Omron Sysmac Mini SP 20 Plc Programming Question


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Lane Williams

I recently purchased an Omron Sysmac Mini SP 20 plc off of ebay, and I have no documentation for it. I was hoping someone might have some experience or knowledge on this unit. I'm going to use it to control pumps, sprinklers, and lighting outside of my building, but I just have to figure out a way to program it. I am new to PLCs, but it seems pretty simple to me anyways. I would appreciate any and all information. Thanks in advance!! Lane
The SP20 was a small unit which only programmed through a handheld programmer. It didn't have any kind of programming software. Check with
your local Omron office, as they should all have printed manuals and such for those units. I personally had an SP10 in my office at Omron, but don't remember ever really working with it much.

i have knowledge on that plc. i'm using omrom sysmac mini SP 16 in my last project. sp 16 and sp 20 has a same microprocessor the only difference is the number of i/o. i have a software here in my computer, minilss. its support sp 10 sp16 sp 20. how can i help you.

Would you be able to send me the software or a link of where I can get it?

I would appreciate it. I have 5 sp20s
We are presently working on a project and we need to know how the software minilss works. We need print the ladder. Can you help me please. By the way can you supply me minilss. Thank you in advance.
Hi, I really need information about programming an Omron sp10,I know that is necessary the minilss program. Is there anybody who can help
help me (send me a copy please)?¿Does someone knows how to interface the PC and the PLC with that? Thanks in advance.
Hello, I download the manual, 14mb, so the link is:


Minilss, the soft, can be downloaded from the web:


But with the cable, I have a trouble!!!! I can not comunicate with the PLC, why?, no cable!!!!
All I know about it is that includes a level adapter to rs-232 to 5v logic, but.....
If you can get the pinout, please send it to me.