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Bert De Bondt

Looking for the programming software and a pinout for the programming cable (PS/2 like) for this Omron SYSMAC mini SP20.
Any manual would also be welcome, since I can't find any docs on the internet.

Many thanks in advance,

bert de Bondt ([email protected])
PS: I read some article over some soft "minilss", it would be this programming software ?


Bert De Bondt

The software SYSWIN does not support the SP20, Some people say it can only be programmed with an handhelp OP, some say there is a software called "minilss" for these SP10,SP15,SP20 series
Hi Bert,

Though it's an obsolete PLC, I'm amazed that the manuals aren't on Omron's website, but I checked, and you're right! It might be worthwhile to try requesting it at

I have an old catalog for the SP controllers, so I'll pass on some information from it...

The manual you want is Omron part number W197-E3-1. According to the catalog, there isn't any programming software available for this unit. You
have to program it with the handheld, which is part number SP10-PRO01-V1, and the connecting cable is part number SP10-CN221 (or CN421 for the 4m long cable).

Hopefully, with this information, you'll be able to find some stuff on Ebay or the like. Good luck!

- Eric Nelson
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Rockaway, NJ, USA