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David Cole

I'm using a Omron CQM1H, for the first time and am trying to connect to Wonderware running on Win95. I have a few issues that I'm trying to
work with. First this is a 'C' series PLC, but is not directly supported by Wonderware. I am told that Wonderware's Hostlink driver can communicate to this PLC if I map it as a C200HS
Has anyone communicated before between these two components ?

Also within the OMRON it appears that most of my registers are HEX, I would rather look at the values as integer, is this possible. Ie. I send a message number that is 13 (using a move command) and I get a output that is 19.

David Cole
[email protected]
That is correct, use the Wonderware Hostlink DDE driver for a C200H PLC. The CQM1 has a hex to BCD command (BCD (24))which you could use to convert your value and insert into another memory area.