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Jelena Gavanski

Did anyone use Omron's 3G3MV frequency inverters (speed control of induction motors; open loop vector control)?

We are using AB007(1.1kW) and AB022 (2.2kW) and we are having problems with noise. In order to solve problems, we would like to know more
about their internal connections.

Please read on and tell me what you think.

This is what we considered and some questions arose:

AC voltage is rectified, then switching power supply is used to produce DC voltage for internal electronics. The switching power supply has high
frequency transformer. Is there a screen between primary and secondary side which would make path for parasitic capacitance current? Internal electronics on secondary side of transformer has its GND which is actually SC.

There is also IGBT inverter (DC/AC) which uses the same rectified DC voltage. IGBT modul has capacitance towards the earth.

Can we connect SC to earth?
What about high frequency current flowing through cables which connect to S1, ..S7 (command inputs)? Noise is even worse if we connect cable's shield to earth instead
to GND.

We would like to know what are all allowable connections between GND (we think better word for it would be common) and earth?

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Jelena Gavanski
My two cents: If you're having noise with an AB, most likely you will have same problem with any inverter on the market. Today's inverter designs include a pwm switching power supply and IGBTs as
standard. Did you follow the manual exactly for specified wiring/shielding/grounding instructions? If long motor cable is source of excessive noise, output inductor/filter will help. Consult with AB inverter specialist.

Colin A Bravington, Omron Electronics Lt

Hi Jelena,
Have you followed the installation recommendations?

Have you used footprint RFI filters for the drives? 3G3MV-PFI-1020E for the
AB007 and 3G3MV-PFI-1030E for the AB022.

I have passed a copy of this to one of technical support team who may be able to help further when you reply.

Regards Colin

Colin Bravington
UK Business Development Manager
Omron Electronics Ltd, UK

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