On-line measuring of viscosity and velocity


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Juris Vanags

Dear sirs, I would like to know, whether in the market are available robust sensors and/or devices for on-line measuring of : 1. Viscosity or related value; 2. Velocity of technological fluids. The application is different technological vessels with mixers. Juris Vanags Biotechnical Center 21 Aizkraukles street LV-1006 Riga LATVIA
Dear Juris, You may visit www.viscositymeter.com for your viscometer requirement. I'll be happy to supplement technical specs. Best Regards Ronald Johnson CBC America 55 Mall Drive Commack, NY 11725 631-864-9700

Willem de Jong

Try ultrasonic inline analyzers of Rhosonics: www.rhosonics.nl The parameter that you want to measure can be perhaps measured by means of the sound velocity or the sound absorption.
Hydramotion is a vibrational technology. The following sites may also be of interest: http://www.nametre.com/ ; http://www.cambridge-applied.com ; http://www.vaf.nl ; http://www.hydramotion.com/index.html ; http://www.sofraser.com/ ; http://www.thomasregister.com/olc/alfalaval/centrifu.htm ; http://www.et.anl.gov/sinde/Labs/UTlab/UTVisco.html ; http://www.solartron.com ) Various of these new technologies are vibrational. Some measure the amplitude of the signal at resonant freequency as proportional to Viscosity. two measure the bandwidth at the resonant frequency (VAF and Solartron) Cambridge use a magnetic shuttle. All measure the dynamic viscosity (cP) and the Solartron also measures the density and hence the kinematic viscosity. When choosing a technology look at accuracy, rangeability, response time and the vibrational frequency. Frequency of operation is important as it has a bearing on the ability of the instrument to measure in a noisy environment. Also, be clear about if yours is a behavioural application for which all are suitable (e.g. controlling paint viscosity for spraying) or analytical where you need the viscosity at one or more reference temperatures for which very few are suitable. e.g. polymerisation control, fuel oil blending, lube oil blending etc.