On-load tap changing transformer


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Can any one of you clarify this doubt. In a on-load tap changing transformer, there will be many taps on the primary side of the transformer. According to formula v1/v2 = n1/n2, to vary the secondary terminal voltage n1 has to be changed. So to change n1 without disturbance, next tap has to be closed and then only the tap which one on line has to be opened to avoid disturbance. Under this situation whether the portion of the winding between the two taps will experience any problem like circulating current or anything else. How is this overcome. Pls. anyone explain me technically. with thanks, veda. india. [email protected]
OLTC come in different shapes and sizes, but the two main objectives are not to create a) an open circuit and b) short circuit any of the windings. This is normally achieved by utilising resistances. A drawing is attached.