one-to-many communications (great title ...)


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I want to access a remote set of equipment by using a *** single *** GSM modem point-of-entry. Next, I want to communicate to several different equipments located nearby, all RS-232.

The modem has an RS-232 interface; I can use a set of addressable modems, creating a bus on RS-422 that will be able to separately call each of the sub-systems, one-at-a-time. The principle involved is, next to the gsm modem there is the master RS-232/RS-422 converter, then there's the bus, and all the sub-systems are "hanging" on that bus, providing that each has its own slave RS-422/RS-232 addressable modem.

The thing is, how do I access all of them directly? Does anyone know any manufacturer that provides adequate equipment for this purpose, or any *** better *** solution?