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my op-27 does not acknowledge the alarms & trips on actual alarm menu

i have an plc with cpu 115u & an op-27 that configured to view the process informations. if an alarm or trip alarm occured , the alarm after acknowledgement of it , goes to actual alarm menu. in this step the error after removing the cause of alarm & going to actual alarm menu &
moving the curser to desired alarm & pressing the acknowledge botton , the alarm must be acknowledged & disappeared & goes to history menu.
but this process does not work & the alarms in actual alarm menu does not acknowledged. i notic that this alarms are imagin alarms not actual alarms.
i thanks to every body can help me & contact to me via my email address [email protected]
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Hakan Ozevin

If I understood right, your messages disappear before they are acknowledged. True?
If this is the case, there can be 2 reasons:
1. You configured the messages as "event" messages not "alarm" messages. Event messages can and will not be acknowledged.
2. You configured the messages as alarm messages, but give the same group number for several messages in ACK field of the attributes menu. Then, the messages having the same ACK group number will be acknowledged altogether.
I hope this helps.
my problem is that: after starting the plc , we saw some alarms apear to op-27 monitor. in this step i acknowledge them. after this step this alarm goes to actual message menu. after removing the cause of problem at actual message menu by moving the curser to the alarm & pressing the ACK key , the alarm must be acknowledged & disapeared form this menu. but this function does not occured. our plc is cpu 115u ( 942b ) & cp530 module
with thanks