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Hi, How do you put a OP15 in transfer mode,
to upload a program which is already in the OP15.

Jimmy Miller

If you're talking about the Siemens OP-15, I don't think upload is possible. With the newer MP panels, the program may be uploaded, but wth the other models, you're probably out of luck.

Iz might be, that the old tool COMTEXT can transfer from OP to PC. But you cant' do it with ProToolLite

Greetings, Hans

Helmut Meissner

Hello Herry,

it is not possible to read the informations back from an OP5 or OP15. Neither with COMTEXT nor with Protool, etc.. Sorry but you need to have the source code.


Helmut Meissner

Andrew Hawdon

You can upload from the OP15 if it was origionally configured with Comtext and you have comtext on yur PC. You also require that on the OP15 the following screen option is available (Specfct). Then select Mode and select Comtext mode via the shift and arrow keys. You then have to run Comtext on your PC and select the transfer option. An Upload is not possible if the OP15 was configured with Protool.

Andrew Hawdon