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Does anybody know of a (simple) application that can be used to read OPC Alarms and Events, and log them to a SQL Server?




Ronald Nijssen

I know of a product named DataXChange that will become available as WinCC Option, this product connects to a OPC DA (not AE unfortunately) Server and will perform Database modifications on events detected from OPC DA Server.
These events could be Alarm Bits

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Cimplicity scada from Ge Fanuc has OPC server and client capabilities and also has an easy to configure SQL option


Raymond van der Tas

You can use the ICONICS Alarm Logger. It's part of the AlarmWorX32 Open Series product range.

The Alarm Logger allows you to subscribe to one or more OPC A/E Server and specify which attributes you are interested in. These attributes can then be mapped in columns in a database. (Access, MSDE, SQL, Oracle)
Simultaneously you can connect a printer since the logger can also log to any of the windows printers.

More details: "http://www.iconics.com":http://www.iconics.com
Dear Roel,
We have used the OPC AE clients of Wintech ( "http://www.win-tech.com":http://www.win-tech.com/ ). They give VC++ or VB options. With the last it is very easy to make what You ask. On the site You find "30 minutes demo version" and an example already developed, so You can make and trial it before to pay.

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