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Alok Khatlawala

I want to visualise data available from an OPC server on to Miocrosoft Excel. Since both the entities are based on the OLE standards feel that the same should be possible.
Anyone can suggest how?


This is both possible and easy. The easiest way to do this is to write a quick VB app in Excel. I can send the full source for a sample app upon request but the general gist of things is as follows:

Dim Server As New OPCServer
Dim WithEvents Group As OPCGroup
Attribute Group.VB_VarHelpID = -1
Server.Connect "desired.opc.server.IDstring"
Set Group = Server.OPCGroups.Add()
Dim Item As OPCItem
Set Item = Group.OPCItems.AddItem("desired.opc.item.tagname", 1)
Group.UpdateRate = 1000
Group.IsSubscribed = True
Group.IsActive = True

You may want to check out the OPC Foundation website -- perhaps it already has sample apps?

Good luck.


Peter Placek

There is couple of software packages on the market doing this. We also offer such a solution.
Look on our web site for demos of DDEToOPC and OPCToDDE products.

Petr Placek.

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Scott Cornwall

OPC Office Link is designed to make this easy. It is an OPC Client that allows live links to Excel (read or write) from any OPC server - without writing VB Macros, i.e. copy and paste links from OPC browsing. Also allows you to log the OPC items to any ODBC database. For a fully
functional (runs for 20 minutes at a time) trial version go to

Scott Cornwall

Chris Frohne

Have you had any success? I would like to the exact thing but exactitudes on implementation are hard to find. In my case I am using AB PLC SLC505 with RSLINX and want to display the data on excel spreadsheet. DDE is difficult and unreliable so I was hoping for more succes using OPC.