OPC client, BorlandC++Builder, Siemens OPC-Server (S7-300)


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Patrick Bruder


who can help me? I am a German student and I have to programm a simple, but asyncronous working, OPC client. The Example from the Borland-website is very difficult and I can't start it, because there are a lot of errors. I want to use this client to communicate with a Siemens S7-300. I have installed the OPC-Server and I have converted the VB examples from the SimaticNet-CD.
The simple example works, but I should use the asyncronous read and write. And what do the Callback-function?

I hope someone can help me or have any informations!

Patrick Bruder

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Hello Patrick, I'm from Venezuela and I'm working in a project with OPC integration application, I can recommend that uses the VB examples that contains the software demo (KEEPSERVEREX) ( "WWW.KEEPWARE.COM":http://www.keepware.com )

I'm working in a development of a VB OPC application but I don't understand all VB coded example. What experiences do you have about OPC application?