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Rogelio Diaz

Quick question: Can an OPC Client on a Win XP machine access an OPC Server in a remote computer? We just want to know if it can de done before dedicating any more effort to it. We normally use NT or 2000 without a hassle, but we are having some problems with this new XP machine that doesn't seem to find remote OPC servers. If this functionality is still not supported in XP or there are some issues with it, we'd like to know. Thanks.

Rogelio Diaz
Hello Rogelio

I am working in a project It has a part that use OPC tecnologies , i recomend that review your OPC server specification , and look for if the OPC SERVER is support to win XP. I think that you don't have problem because OPC tecnologies is very new. SORRY for my english , to other question write me

Ulianov Gil

Ranjan Acharya

With regards to the OPC foundations' web site, their CD-ROM ordering is off-line and their link to OPC software wants you to fork over almost
US$2000 for a toolkit.

Every so often, I go out looking for a simple OPC client in either VB (or VC++ in a pinch) that I can "integrate" into my own projects as a
replacement for DDE. Interfacing with KEP or RSLinx for example. There is source code in the OPC specification and some source code with KEP, but I would prefer something a little bit better documented with a good variable notation schema (such as Hungarian Notation) and so on. Perhaps someone has a link to one of the VB sites that has something on it.

Just a thought ...