OPC client programming in C or VC ( Developing Customer interface )


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Abhijit Divekar

Hi there...
I am developing the OPC client in VC / C which will use OPC custom interface. I have already developed Client using Automation interface( Wrapper DLL ) in VB.. Can any body help me put in the same..?

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Abhijeet A Divekar
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Hello Friend

I'm working in a OPC project in Venezuela, so I'm very interesting in a development of OPC client application with VB. i am not expert in VB neither VB so can you tell me what are the step to develop this application (OPC client VB)?
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Mark Hensley

Hello Ulianov
You can download our OPC server package that includes a set of Visual Basic examples that detail the development of either very simple or very complex OPC clients completely in VB including the ability to browse OPC tags from the server. The code will work with any OPC server.

The code is intended to be used freely. We also have source code available for our C++ OPC client as well if you need that. If you use our web based install you can select only the OPC VB examples saving you a considerable amount of download time. I would suggest getting the whole package if possible as the supplied OPC server includes a demo application that can be used with the Visual Basic code immediately.

Hope this helps.
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Looking for OPC Servers, look here.

I developed opc client interface using automation interface in VC. Now I wish to develop
same using custom interface in vc, can anybody help me. I need some sample codings, that shows how to utilise custom interfaces for development of opc clint using vc.

waiting for the reply.

Thanks for All

Hello Prakash
Can you provide me the OPC client interface in C as you said that you did it.

waiting for your reply.