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Experts, we have an existing PLC / SCADA system comprising of T1505 (535, 545, 555) PLC's. They have a 505-CP1434TF comms card that talks to the SCADA servers with a CP1413 Card, via an AUI Convertor. I want to add an historian device to this system. The historian requires a OPC server. Will an OPC server from the likes of kepware with the Simatic 505 Ethernet driver do this function and will the default server NIC card be suffice of will i require a CP#### NIC for the server.

Note, i need to stay away form polling data from the existing SCADA servers due to an already high load and their age.

Much appreciate any help.

Fred Loveless

The Simatic 505 Ethernet driver is designed to use the installed standard NIC of the PC and support connecting to the CP1434 card. You may view the driver help file online to verify this (http://www.kepware.com/Support_Center/SupportDocuments/Help/simatic505_ethernet.pdf) Also you can run the server in demo mode with full functionality to test connectivity. You simply need to download it from the website.

Fred Loveless
Applications Manager
Kepware Technologies

much appreciate the help, however it looks like these OPC servers only deal with the TI505, -TCP protocol and not the -TF like i require.


Tony Gunderman

If you are using the CP1434-TF module and the H1 protocol and can use the peer services (Send/Receive, TSAPs, and such), you may be able to use the ProScada SIX driver. Look to www.proscada.com.

Tony Gunderman