OPC data from AB plc 3/10 with rslinx gateway


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sunil rathaur

I am trying to connecting data logger for making csv files which will be used for SPC, ERP and simply history sheets with AB plc 5/60 and ABplc 3/10. It was easy to connect with PLC5/60 but taking data from AB plc 3/10 is proving difficult. Help!

bob peterson

if you can set up an OPC link in rslinx to a PLC5, there is very little difference in doing so for a PLC3 in rslinx. can you access the plc3 in rslinx at all?

Please describe exactly what you mean by "proving difficult".

If you're getting error messages, post the text and circumstances of them. If there are performance problems, describe them in detail.

The PLC-3 controller is old enough that the syntax of its datatypes may be unfamiliar to modern users. There is a very good PLC-3 data addressing reference manual on the RA literature website:


sunil rathaur

Hi Bob!

I am unable to create OPC tags for PLC3/10 in Rslinx server. For PLC5/50B opc tags were easily available as online and offline tags. but how to create in plc 3/10 is proving difficult

thanks a lot.

Bob Peterson

if the plc3 is attached, you should be able to browse them the same way as you can browse PLC5 addresses in RSLinx.

Is the PLC3 shown in the device list as connected?

sunil rathaur


seems i have done it
thanks a lot. i used item id for individual opc tags eg [ccr]b1:181 for AB PLC 3/10