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Gilson Frank

I am trying to communicate between a Modicon 984 Compact PLC (Model A145)and LabView. As interface card I got the SA85. To programm the PLC I am using Modsoft which works fine, means the SA85 all the drivers and cabling are ok. Now I am trying to get the OPC Data Server (Schneider Electric, Version 2.5) working but until now without real success. The test client they have does not work! (Or the server). What format should the symbol file have this server needs? Apparently there is a way to export it from Modsoft?

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Robert Willis

In order to test the configuration of the Schneider Electric OPC Server check the following:

1. Insure that the proper configuration is entered using the OFS Configuration Tool for the Compact PLC.

2. Start the OFS testing Client. Does is see the OFS Server in the dialog box ? If the server does not start automatically it may be related to the operating system that it is installed on. Please advise what operating system the OFS Serevr is installed on ?

3. If the server did not start automatically, close the testing client and then manually start the server by selecting the OFS Factory Server Icon. After the server is started restart the Client and verify that the OFS server is listed in the dialog box.

4. If it is listed select the OFS server and then create a New group. To this group add a ITEM by selecting the PLC Alias that was assigned in the OFS configuration. Since you currently do not have the tags assigned enter the following into the Item ID dialog box.


NOTE: ALL Modicon references must be entered in the six digit format.

PLC1 will be entered when you select the PLC Alias via the mouse. Type the !300001 reference into the dialog box and then click ADD button. You will then be asked to validate the selection. After validation is complete the data from register 300001 will be displayed.

Robert Willis
Square D Company
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Gilson Frank

Thanks for the quick response, was not in the last few weeks, now I can read data from the PLC. But as far as I found out in the documentation there is no way to read a single 4XXXXX register. Is this true and if yes is there a way to convert back a floating point to his original two registers?