OPC driver to Excel and RSLogixs 5000?


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To All:
Can anyone tell me if there is a OPC driver that can communicate directly with an Excel Spreadsheet and RSLogixs 5000. If so where can I find it. If not does anyone know where I can get a DDE driver to do the same.

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Raymond van der Tas

The data in RSLogixs5000 can be exposed using the AB OPC Server.

An OPC Server that can directly talk to MS-EXCEL is the ICONICS DDE OPC Server.

In the OPC Client you will have tags which have the following naming convention:


Example to get access to Row2Column1 in Sheet1:

The DDE OPC Server communicates OPC up to the OPC Clients and DDE down to the DDE Server(s). DDE is Dynamic Data Exchange which was used in
the beginning of the Windows era in order to allow inter process communications between various windows programs. MS-Excel still is a DDE

You can check www.iconics.com for your nearest sales channel.

Raymond van der Tas
The new RSLinx Single Node license will suit your needs. It serves OPC data (to RSView or Wonderware or whatever) as well as standard CF-Text and XL-Table DDE data to Microsoft clients like Excel.

It does not respond to custom C-API calls like RSLinx OEM, Professional, and Gateway.

Because you are not using RSView or another MMI package, you won't have a database of tags to import from RSLogix 5000, so the RSLinx online OPC tag browser will be a very handy way to accurately point your communication driver to ControlLogix tags.

The Single Node license is less expensive than the OEM license and will, as it's name implies, connect to only one controller.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

Most OPC software will communicate with Excel, I would suggest if it can't, don't buy it. Try Technosoft and Inat.

Donald Pittendrigh