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I have to use:
CX supervisor Omron tool, FX2N plc.

CX supervisor has to communiate with FX2N prog. port. CX Supervisor of Omron can support opc drivers. Is there an opc driver for communicate between CX supervisor and FX2N plc?

Thank you very much
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You can try going to "www.kepware.com":http://www.kepware.com

I've done extensive searches for OPC servers and they had the best variety by far.

If they do not have what you need, you can also give them a call. They will definitely point you in the right direction.

Good luck with you hunt.
I believe the PLC is a Mitsubishi. You would need to contact Omron to make sure CX-Supervisor can read OPC servers. Then contact Mitsubishi to see if they can supply the required OPC Server for their PLC systems. Should be easy????????????