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Peter Placek


We are currently working on a bigger project in paper industry. One part of the project is implementation of PI software from OSI software.

There are already applications talking OPC and they need to access the data in PI. Does anybody know an alternative software providing bridge
between PI data and OPC? Preferably both client and server.

Peter Placek.

Merz Company
Hi Peter,

Can you be more specific on the type of data that the "OPC" enabled applications already running at the facility require? For example, is it
required that the historical data maintained within PI be accessed via applications with OPC server or client interfaces. Do any of these
applications support the OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) interface standard?

To the best of my knowledge, OSI's PI has an OPC client for collecting data from one or more OPC servers. They will also provide an HDA server
interface to allow HDA compliant clients to retrieve this data from their system in a standardized way. Are you also asking if there an OPC Data Access server fo PI? If there is, we have a product called the OPC Gateway that will perform the bridging you require.

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Mark Fairbaugh

OSI sells bridges for everything. Almost all of them cost around $5000. I am sure they already have a bridge for whatever application you need to talk to PI.

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Gilles Habel

> Hi,

I agree with Gord Ellis; PI as a client application that I make it work with Schneider OPC Server and Premium PLC's in a big aluminium plant in Quebec.

Ask PI representative for more info.

Gilles Habel
Application engineer
Schneider Electric