OPC interface to Hart Protocol


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A Evora

I am looking for a good OPC server to interface to a channel of Hart devices (Rosemount and Endress + Hauser) flow sensors. I don't know much about this protocol. Can anyone recomment an OPC server? Do you need any special hardware on the PC end?

Alternatively, I would consider a Hart gateway (to Modbus TCP) if it was reasonably priced (under 1K).


Ranjit Nambiar


Looks like what you need is a National Instruments Industrial Automation OPC Servers which provide industry-standard software connectivity to a wide variety of industrial automation devices and industrial networks for Lookout, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, and Measurement Studio. The NI Industrial Automation (IA) OPC Servers include an OLE for process control (OPC) server interface that automatically works with National Instruments Lookout, Measurement Studio software, and a wide variety of other ActiveX-based software, such as Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic. The IA OPC Servers also provide the VI and instrument driver interfaces necessary for LabVIEW
Moore Industries is your best shot for a packaged gateway. If that doesn't work out, another alternative is ethernet I/O with has Hart inputs.

Joe Hohn