OPC Interface to Siemens 545 series


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Russ Kinner

I am in the midst of installing a Wizcon HMI with a number of Siemens (TI) 545 series PLCs communicating via Ethernet. We are using Matrikon as the OPC interface driver to the Siemens units.

Apparently there was a small problem where every 125 words or so a floating point value would be set to 2.xxxe-34. It was replicated in their offices and about 2 weeks after we got their acknowledgement, a fix was in our hands. We've tested it and all seems well. (For those of you who might wonder the latest version # is

Too often we see the horror stories documented in the A-List. Once in a while a success story is justified. Even though the root cause was not obvious, Matrikon took the responsibility to fix this and did it in a reasonable time period.

Russ Kinner
AVCA Corporation
Maumee, OH USA


Can you tell me which protocol and CP card in the 545 you were using 2572 TCP-IP? 1434 ISO-TF? 1434 TCP-IP?

Good job that Matrikon could reproduce and fix the bug