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Dear All,

We have two level of control i.e. Local and Central. But we are going to adopt two different SCADA systems due to performance and cost issues.

Basically, Wonderware SCADA will be installed at local level, it will collect all data from field PLC/RTU then put data into its real time database server.

In central, we are going to use a SCADA system which is under Linux OS. Its real time database will collect all data from different Local Wonderware server via OPC.

My question is: As I know OPC (not Web based OPC) is not running well in Linux based OS, what will be easier for implementing above system?

Thank you very much.


Andrey Romanenko

First of all, it is good to hear Linux is advancing on the plant floor.

Although you may consider other connection options, there are in fact solutions to run client OPC DA (DCOM based) on Linux. We have one which is called Plantstreamer. It is open-source so you can download it and try in your plant. All it needs is Java. If you want to develop something yourself, you can take a look at Utgard project from Openscada.

Please contact me if you need further info.

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Andrey Romanenko
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Are you planning on using your central system for data collection and control or just data collection?

Wassim Daoud

What kind of Scada System are you planning on using on the Linux OS?

Wassim Daoud
Global Solutions Architect
Both local and central can control the field equipment. Of course, between them a mechanism should be developed in order to allow only one location to take control right at the same time.
We have a system working similar to what you describe, but the "central" level as you put it is for data collection and manipulation only.

Wassim Daoud

I see ... considering that it's a proprietary SCADA, I am hesitant on giving you any advise in regards to Linux or UNIX. But if you choose Windows, your implementation will be easier as all you need there is an OPC client to collect those DA data from the WW local station(s).

If you would like to get more information about OPC drivers that we have please visit our drivers page:

Wassim Daoud
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Tallak Tveide


being that the proprietary system is unknown to us, I here present a different solution: OpenOPC for Python runs on Linux (or any other Platform that runs Python). It is a free open source project. Now you need to figure out how to interface your proprietary system to Python. You will also need to install OpenOPC on each windows machine, this will install a gateway service to convert from Windows COM/OPC to Python remote objects (Pyro).

It's all quite simple to set up - and in addition you get the great 'opc' command line tool that lets you do thing like:

opc -q
-- list available OPC servers

ops -s Archestra.FSGateway.1 -l
-- list folders on FSGateway opc server

ops -s Archestra.FSGateway.1 -r DASSIDirect.MyPLC.MX1.0
-- read a tag from a Siemens PLS routes through FSGateway and Wonderware's Siemens driver

Good luck,
Hi hlliu,

I recommend connecting to your PLCs/RTUs using FactorySQL, or similar product, and pulling that data into a SQL Database. FactoryPMI is a lightweight webserver that can run on Linux to connect to that SQL Database and provide trending, control, reporting, etc.

Both licenses are server based, so you have the flexibility to customize your system independent of tags and clients. Will work with any OPC server, any SQL Database any web browser. Hope that helps.