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Peter Whalley

Hi all, Is anyone aware of a product which acts like a an OPC protocol analyser. That is it monitors OPC traffic and provides logs of all transactions. It would preferably need to work even when OPC was used for interprocess communications within a single PC.
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Sir: Siemens has a product that is called OPC Scout that determines the OPC connections to any device; however, there is not anything that will monitor the traffic. The data traffic is determined by what communications protocol use, TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, etc., each of these protocols do have traffic analyzers. OPC is not a type of communications, it is a standard used so that communications to PLCs or other devices from a PC is made easier.

Wallinius Mattias

Use a standard sniffer. DCOM is DCE RPC and can be detected over networks via sniffers. If used locally look at devlopmentor guys Keith Brown and Chris Sells tools for non-obtrusive COM tracing. /Mattias
Try Matrikons web site Their OPC tools seem broad and you can try them out for free The 'arbitrator' may be what is needed for this application -- Best Regards Mal Steel Industrial Solution Providers Phone : +61 2 9987 1250 Fax: ...1251 Mobile: 0411 544 699

Peter Whalley

Hi, Thanks for the comments. Agreed, that use of a standard sniffer should handle network traffic. I looked at the DevelopMentor stuff. ( http://www.matrikon.com/opc/htdocs/opc_delegator.htm ) Looks like it would probably do the job but needs heavy duty skills in programming and understanding of COM. Probably a bit beyond me but others may find it of use. Thanks Peter Whalley