OPC Server comms over Profibus


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Khalid Faridi

I want to use OPC server (SST.PfbOpcSvr.1) to communicate over Profibus using Applicom interface card with a Siemens S7 PLC for an OPC Client under Lookout ver5.1 HMI.

Some people have apprehensions regarding the speed and that it will use two software and hence more vulnerable to faults.

Until now I had been using OPC left and right without a fuss anywhere especially with Eurotherm based systems. How can I address the issue and how does Siemens itself communicate with WinCC?

Any help available please!
i used the applicom card as interface to my S5s profibus and use OPC to connect to Aspen IP21.

no problem there. sure is cheaper then getting a siemens card. though u might consider redundancy if u interface it with HMI.