OPC Server for GE-Fanuc PLC

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Hi List, I need recomendations about experiences using OPC Servers for integrating information from PLC Ge-Fanuc (9030) to PI (Plant Information System) for real time data base. Thank you.
You will need to know if your 90-30 is going to connect ethernet or SNP serial - those are the 2 most common means to connect the GE PLCs to OPC servers. Ethernet will always be faster, but requires a module in the PLC rack. GE does have a nice Ethernet Global Data option in their newer 90-30 ethernet modules that lets the PLC broadcast to multiple hosts that might need the data - a form of unsolicited messaging that in some applications can be quite useful. SNP serial maxes out at 19.2 Kbaud thus making that the weak link in the chain if speed matters. The nice part is SNP serial is built into the programming port of the PLC. OSI Pi is an OPC client - i think you know that part. As for OPC servers, Software Toolbox has OPC servers with demos for the various GE protocols at http://www.softwaretoolbox.com/opc Hope this helps in your research John Weber