OPC Server for Honeywell


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Where can I find an OPC Server from Honeywell C200 Process controller, to Allen Bradley Controllogix or Factory talk?
You've misunderstood OPC in general.

Factory Talk is an HMI software product. It undoubtably has provision for being an OPC client.

The OPC client 'requests' information/data from an OPC server, also a software product.

The OPC server has the 'drivers' that talk to field devices to obtain the data from (or write the data to) the field devices.

So, an OPC server for your purposes should have drivers that are compatible with the Honeywell C200 and the A-B Controllogix, because those are the physical field devices.

A configuration process using tags on the field devices configures the OPC server as to which information it should handle. The OPC client (in Factory ttalk) likewise needs configuration as to which tags it deals with.

Your friend, Google, will bring up numerous commercially available OPC servers. OPC Vendor people are also likely to respond on this forum.