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Vipul Shah

Hi All,

I have Intellution Fix V 7.0 which has a DDE Server.I want to know whether there is an OPC Server available of late. IS some patch available? If yes, what is the cost??

Thanks in advance,

The iFix drivers CD includes an OPC Server I/O Driver

Offers an OPC Data Access Server to its internal process database, (PDB). This allows our PDB data to be 'served out' to 3rd Party OPC Clients. This server is OPC DA 2.04 compliant however, it does not support DCOM.

About a patch, i don't know about it, for prices you should contact your local dist.


Alejandro Gonzalez F.
Automatik Control S.A.
Hi Alez,

I am looking for an OPC Server for the older Fix System which then came with a DDE Server, not for iFix. I have an application written based over DDE which I want to convert to OPC.

Please let me know whether an OPC Server is available for the Fix System.

Fix32 7.0 has OPC Server alredy built into it. version 6.15 was the last with only DDE capability.
If you browse local with a OPC Client you should see the fix opc server. If its remote you must configure DCOM on Fix machine using DCOMCFG

Tom Marshall


There is a company Software Toolbox that has a DDE Server to OPC Client Bridge that should work with your Fix System. If that won't work they have an OmniServer product that will allow you to roll your own. We are a distributor for them and if you will contact me at 901-494-1545, I will get you the information that require.

Try DDEtoOPC and OPCtoDDE from MERZ

A good product with a demo. You can convert a DDE server into an OPC server... and read from an OPC server even if you don't have a OPC client.