OPC Server for S7 300 plc


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Conrad Fernandez

Hello Group.

I would like to if there is an OPC Server for Siemens S7 300 plc. I have found one that communicates through the serial port, but I would
like to communicate through the ethernet port of the S7.

Conrad L. Fernandez

Zan Von Flue

At work we use Intellution. It works with the MAC/H1 connection. Easy to program and setup. (costs?). Has both server and client on cd. We
use SL4. Softnet from Siemens is also good. It doesn't have the problems like in iFix. Works with TCPIP and H1. A connection was alittle complicated but then getting information was easy. Softnet is only the Server, the client is extra. Both are with OPC. I personally don't have experience with wanderware but it works with DDE, maybe OPC. For the ethernet port of the S7, I used the tcpip/hi version.
There are a couple of options that I can think of. SIMATIC Net offers an S7 OPC Server, this server can access any S7 300/400 PLC via MPI/Profibus or IE / TCP/IP.
There is also another Product, SIMATIC Computing (which is an OPC Server) This also will allow you to connect to any S7 300/400 or SIEMENS PC Based control series of controllers.

Hope this helps,

Roger Hill
Software Geek