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Hevelton Araujo

Hello, all ! We are looking for an OPC Server to communicate to Siemens PLC, models S5 and S7/400. We are currently using Siemens's OPC Server, but they have changed their distribution (read pricing) policy and the costs have become way too much for our budget. A search at opcfoundation.org did not produce any results. We will be using WNT 4.0 and VB as clients. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA, -- Hevelton Araujo Junior Ger=EAncia de Engenharia Tel.: +55-31-34275852 Fax.: +55-31-34912077 [email protected]

Frank Iwanitz

Hi, what kind of protocol are you using? There are OPC Server to communicate with S7/S5 using different kind of protocols (DP, MPI, ...) Regards, Frank
Hi List, I think OPC Server is a proprietory article for that DCS/PLC Vendor( I mean if you are going for Siemen's System you have to go for Siemen's OPC Server only). We can be choosy for clients only. BR /Girish

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All There is an OPC server supplied free of charge when you purchase a CP1613 interface card, I have used it for S7 and found it to be easy to set up, powerful and very very fast (that was used with in touch) I guess this product must work with S5 as well but I am not sure. There is an OPC server which does work with S5 and is reputed to work with S7 as well, it is manufactured by a company called Inat. This product is sold via a sole agency in my country, the sole agency happens to be one of my competitors so I doubt that I will be rushing to get a copy of it, I have used it on one of my clients sites with an S5 115U and CP1430, it worked O.K. but due to the Inat marketing policy I will not use the product again. Regards Donald Pittendrigh (In support of open marketing for opening systems)

Hevelton Araujo

Sorry about that; I forgot to mention it. We will be using Industrial Ethernet. On the PC's we have off-the-shelf ethernet adapters (not the Siemens "special" ones), CP443-1-ISO in the S7/400 and CP1430 in the S5 (928 CPU). Cheers !!

Dobrowolski, Jacek

Hi, I think you are a little bit wrong. There're many third party manufacturers of OPC servers for all most any kind of PLC. Regards, Jacek Dobrowolski
Try Applicom PFB1500PCI product from Applicom International, France. It supports many Siemens protocols simultaneously and provides DDE/OPC/ActiveX support. BR Kamath

Uwe Kniesburges

Hi all, there exists an OPC-Server for S5/S7, TCP/IP or H1 from the company INAT GmbH,Germany. Please look at the homepage http://www.inat.de, go into the download-site.

It is only a software tool with its own DDE channel for VB Clients and needs a standard networkcard for ethernet.

Best regards, Uwe

Are there any examples available for the CP1613 server using OPC? I am new at OPC and wouldn,t mind some help.