OPC Server for XWAY TCP/IP Modicon Telemecanique


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Daniel Rallo

Hi all,

Does a good OPC server exist for the XWAY TCP/IP protocol by Modicon Telemecanique? I need one that can manage unsolicited data sent by the PLC's.


Daniel Rallo
Schneider Automation sells an OPC Factory Server that should solve the problem.
Look at //www.transparentfactory.com under Products for the OPC Factory Server.

Rich Baker
Schneider Automation
This OPC server (OFS) from Group Schneider for XIP, does not allow access of bits in words directly. User application (OPC - client) has to
mask out each bit.
Used with Intellution iFix 2.1/2.21 (or other HMI
applications?) this may be a problem.

In our system we experienced that if accessing one
of our PLC's (Premium) from another PC running PL7 PRO, using the XIP driver, the XIP driver on the PC where the OPC-server is installed sometimes
hangs the entier PC. This is not a configuration error! (XIP adress....).

: -Any comments to this ??