OPC server for York YCIV chillers (MRUs)


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I work in a plastics manufacturing plant that uses a proprietary control system; that being said, there aren't many options for information sharing between our control system and those manufactured by other companies. The best we have been able to do is share process information via analog and digital inputs/outputs.

We also have a AB PLC5 that I've used an Ingear OPC server to create an HMI for. It was rather simple and just works over Channel 0 serial connection.

I was wondering if we can do a similar thing for York YCIV mechanical refrigeration units. My sales rep has limited experience; mainly because he quotes for HVAC applications, not chemical process applications. Does anyone know what interface could be used to gather process/alarm conditions from a York MRU? I would just want to set up and OPC server in our control room and write a C# application to monitor it. My sales rep has no experience in OPC (never heard of it). He asked me if i want to include a BAS gateway (building automation system gateway); I think I do, but it really has nothing to do with a building, and i'm not sure what type would work to communicate information to a OPC server. Has anyone done this before and can point me in the right direction?


Fred Loveless

Looks like the default configuration is for a plain language or ASCII output of data. You could use or UCON (User Configurable) driver to create a project that can accept the data and update clients. I also notice that these chillers can be equipped with optional BACnet or Modbus communications. That would be the better solution as you could just connect a server to it and start getting data.

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Wassim Daoud

Hello Seth,

What protocol exactly do your devices speak? If it's Modbus then you can use the OPC Server for Modbus here:

If they speak BACnet, you can use this OPC server:

If none of your drives speaks any of the two above, you can search here:

Or you can create you own opc server using OPC Genie. It's very eay to use and you Download here:

Let me know if you need any help

Wassim Daoud
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Call your dealer back and ask him for a York Elink
York has an Elink for your chiller that can be set to talk Modbus, Bacnet, Lon & TCP IP