OPC server linking Intouch with Keyence KV-40DR plc?


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Currently, I have a keyence kv-40DR plc that need to be linked up with Intouch HMI. The main problem is that i can find the OPC server for the keyence kv-40DR PLC. I am greatful if anyone could give me some advice on it.

Connect to Keyence KV300 PLCs using the INGEAR OMRON OPC Server. Keyence L2 Option Module supports Omron Hostlink Protocol. The INGEAR OPC Server for OMRON PLC's supports Omron HOSTLINK as well as FINS ETHERNET, FINS SERIAL and SYSMAC LINK networks from a single OPC Server. INGEAR is fast, easy to use, low-cost and reliable. The INGEAR OMRON OPC Server is available for immediate download on CimQuest website.

And then take a look at Wonderware's Tech Note 234
Configuring the INGEAR Allen Bradley DA OPC Server, OPCLink, and OPC Tag Browser